Review: Mizuno Basara 101 KL

Review: Mizuno Basara 101 KL

Mizuno Basara 101 KL Black/Green Gecko

Leather Shoes and leather always gives users an exclusive feel and the touch of soft leather provides a level of comfort for sports players feeling in control. Leading sports brand from Japan, Mizuno, is here to discuss its in-house designed leather shoes. We would like to thank Mizuno Indonesia for their support in allowing us to review the Mizuno Basara 101 K-Leather.

Mizuno Basara 101 is Mizuno’s most dependable shoe in regards to final performance thus it is no surprise that the Basara is a striker’s favourite. A well-known striker using the Basara shoe collection is Mr Shinji Okazaki. Mizuno makes available the leather edition of the Basaraline because not all players find the original version suitable. This is the norm in football because every player has their own distinct personality, and the same applies in purchasing shoes.

Let us talk about the key features of the Mizuno Basara 101 K-Leather. Its leather material ensures that the main construction of the leather is placed at the front of the shoe which without doubt provides a gentlersensation from the leather itself. As such, Mizuno is able to offer greater comfort for the user.

Mizuno Basara 101 K-Leather is equipped with the Dynamotion Fiton the upper side of the shoe and the D-Flex Groove for movement control. Combining these two features aims to allow maximum speed and efficiency therefore enabling the flawless movement of the body.

Mizuno Basara 101 K-Leather is also equipped with the R-Fiber Control feature which gives players the ability to accelerate and change directions without worrying about the tightness of the feet and shoes,thanks to Basara’s perfect fit design.

The Material Insock of the Mizuno Basara 101 K-Leather is also equipped with a grip feature which keepsthe feet comfortable and positioned properly without the concern of the feet being pushedfurther inward.

On the soleplate, the Mizuno Basara 101 K-Leather uses the Light Pebax plate featuring a multi-stud design of the outsole to support pronation and comfort.

We will also discuss the colour variations of the Mizuno Basara 101 K-Leather collection. The black shoe collection is accentuated with an accent of green on the brand’s logo and stud features.

Review: This is my review of the Mizuno Basara 101 K-Leather based on my experience. Comfort is the key characteristic of this shoe and I will admit that the softness of the leather gives a special feeling when I am accelerating. The sewing pattern of the leather results in a non-slip action upon changing directions. In terms of power during shooting, the Mizuno Basara101 K-Leather gets an extra point with its leather construction on the front, thus giving that barefoot sensation. 

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