Mizuno Perpanjang Kontrak Bersama Semen Padang FC

Mizuno Perpanjang Kontrak Bersama Semen Padang FC

KBRN, Padang: With Indonesia’s National Super League ISL 2017 fast approaching in March this year, the Semen Padang FC team has grown increasingly confident with their performance. This optimism was also shared by the football team’s range of partners. As the apparel brand for the Kabau Sirah team, Mizuno has stated its intention to extend the duration of their contract.

The contract signing took place in Padang on Sunday, 15th January 2017. The renowned Japanese sportswear brand began the partnership since the start of the Indonesian Super League (ISL) in 2014.

Director of PT Panatrade Caraka Mr Ricky Yakobi explained to a number of media personnel after the contract signing that Mizuno decided to sponsor Semen Padang FC because of the team’s consistent performance as demonstrated throughout their official PSSI season. Furthermore, the team had not been involved in any altercations during the competitive season.

“We believe that Semen Padang FC is one of the best performing teams who have also not been involved in any altercations while also receiving the support from a large-scale company. As such, Mizuno is ready to offer its full support to Semen Padang FC,” stated Mr Ricky Yakobi on Sunday (15/1/2017).

For the upcoming ISL competition, Mizuno will provide uniforms for the pre-season and regular season; Semen Padang FC U-21 team will also be entitled to the same benefit. General Manager of PT Kabau Sirah Semen Padang FC, Mr Rinold Tamrin hopes to maintain a sustainable partnership with Mizuno that is currently on its third year.

After the contract signing, approximately 120 budding football players who are part of 12 SSB in Padang had the opportunity to participate in a coaching clinic. Prominent attendees at the event included Head Coach Mr Nilmaiza in addition to Semen Padang FC players including Mr Hengki Ardiles. As part of the coaching clinic, Mizuno invited national football legend, Mr Ricky Yakobi.



Source: http://www.rri.co.id/