Pocari Futsal Championship 2015

Pocari Futsal Championship 2015

Pocari Sweat in cooperation with Mizuno and the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports once again held the Pocari Sweat Futsal Championship (PSFC). The annual event ‒ the largest of similar special futsal tournaments for high school-level students in Indonesia ‒ was participated in by 637 teams which were divided between 18 regional zones throughout the country. 

For 2015, PSFC; in its sixth consecutive year of having been held; carried the theme ‘Be the Next Athlete’. Pocari Sweat picked the theme to represent the hope that the tournament will produce Indonesia’s future sporting talents, particularly for the sport of futsal. In order to achieve this goal, Pocari Sweat proceeded to invite several professional talent scouts including former coaches and players of the Indonesian national futsal team.

During the futsal tournament, each of the top players at the regional level will gain the privilege of taking part in coaching clinic sessions under the mentorship of the coach and players of the national team. Further in line with the theme, the Pocari Sweat Futsal Championship event will also grant the player that earned the award of Best Player of Pocari Sweat Futsal Championship 2015 a trial period at one of the country’s professional futsal teams, namely FC LIBIDO Bandung. The opportunity comes with a direct prospect of signing a contract with FC LIBIDO Bandung as a player, if the management and coaching team of the club is impressed during the assessment period. 

“We continue to support the Pocari Sweat Futsal Championship as it is a positive activity for Indonesia’s younger generation, as well as a great opportunity for them to excelat sports. We hope that the tournament contributes to promoting an active sporting culture and developing new sporting talents, particularly for the sport of futsal,” explained Mr Edi Nurinda, the Division Head for Achievement Sports Organizations at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.  

Moreover, Mr Daniel Pieter as Pocari Sweat’s Head of Marketing added that through the Pocari Sweat Futsal Championship, it is hoped that high school students will be able to direct their talents and participate in a positive activity through an event that meets the national standards for sports competitions in accordance with the guidelines set by the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) and the Indonesian Futsal Association (AFI).  

“The Pocari Sweat Futsal Championship is committed to the effort of improving the quality of our futsal games every year by cooperating with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. This step is part of our work in educating society in general and students in particular about the importance of sporting activities, fair competition, and sportsmanship. Hopefully, the tournament will reveal new talents for the advancement of Indonesia’s sporting world,” Mr Pieter explained.   

“The various stages of the Pocari Sweat Futsal Championship have commenced since May 2015. In the following round, 18 regional champions will compete for the Grand Champion title which will take place on 19-21stNovember 2015 at the GOR C-Tra sports centre in Cikutra, Bandung.
The schools that excelled in the regional tournament and made it through the Grand Champion phase consist of 14 teams, namely SMAN 2 Medan, SMAN 4 Jayapura, SMAN 1 Solok (Padang), SMAN 1 Kuta Selatan (Denpasar, Bali), SMAN 1 Pelaihari (Banjarmasin), MAN 2 Semarang, SMAN 8 Batam, SMAN 1 Muhammadiyah Palembang, SMAN BBS Bogor, SMAN 12 Pekanbaru, SMKN 2 Lampung, SMAN 4 Jogjakarta, SMAN 5 Depok and SMAN 18 Bandung.

The grand winner of PSFC 2015 will be entitled to a rotating trophy from the Minister of Youth and Sports. In addition to the trophy, the event also provides prize money totalling 51 million IDR. The prize money’s large sum itself serves to show Pocari Sweat’s seriousness in holding the event.

In addition to futsal games, the Grand Champion phase within Pocari Sweat Futsal Championship 2015 will also feature performancesbyTulus and JKT 48 and a digital show showcasing the first 3D mapping video display on a futsal court in Indonesia, respectively.