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Best for: Inspired by indoor athletes who are searching for the ultimate comfort and cushioning shoe but also need good stability around court.


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Details : Men
Size : 40-46
Weight : 2,000g
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A cushioned model focused on softness. It reduces stress on the foot when jumping and during play
MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM- MIZUNO ENERZY, offering amazing cushioning and energy return, is
equipped along the full length of the shoe from the heel to the forefoot. You‘ll feel the soft cushioning
and energy return from the moment you put on the shoe through to while you‘re playing.
Equipped with Foam Wave- Rather than the conventional Wave Plate, it is equipped with Foam Wave
to maintain the stability of the Wave structure while enhancing the softness at the heel.
Keeping stability with the full flat sole- This shoe keeps the full flat sole model popular in Wave
Luminous 1. The full flat sole firmly keeps stability.
Bootie structure- Use of the bootie structure creates a fit that envelops the whole foot.
Use of a woven upper- Use of a woven upper with a new appearance provides a softer look and fit
different from previous models.